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HELITANG T490 Modular Extended Flute Cutters

There are two new families of modular extended flute assemblies with integral tapered shank: T490 LNK BT50-FT with BT MAS-403 tapered shanks and T490 LNK INT50-FT with DIN 69871 tapered shanks.

The endmills of both kinds carry T490 LN…T 13 inserts. Both tool families include 63 and 80 mm nominal diameters. An assembly, that carries T490 LN…T 13 inserts, comprises a tapered shank base unit and one or two extensions. The base units and the extensions have a corresponding special concave triangular shape and recesses that allow assembly and torque transmission. In assembly, these parts are properly secured by an assembly screw. This extremely rigid connection enables nearly the same cutting data as for integral tools.

The T490 CAP-FT family of extension units has been expanded by adding a 4 flute density option to the 63 mm tools and 3 new, 80 mm diameter extension units.

The combinations of the base units and the extensions ensure a variety of extended flute shell milling cutters with various cutting lengths and they considerably reduce the enduser’s need for special tools. In addition, the modular extended flute assembly has another advantage:
In extended flute cutters, the first row inserts, which are located near a cutter face, are involved not only in side milling but also in face milling. Therefore they experience harder loading and their wear is more intense compared with the other inserts of the cutter.

In integral-type cutters, sudden breakage of a first row insert can cause serious damage of the cutter and even make further use of the cutter impossible. In such a case the modular assembly has the advantage of providing further use, by means of replacing an extension.

All of the new extended flute cutters above have holes for internal coolant supply.

The main intended purposes of the new cutters are for rough milling of deep shoulders, high edges (edging) and deep cavities.

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