NPA 19/2017


Concave Radius Disc-Type Milling Heads


ISCAR is expanding the MULTI-MASTER interchangeable milling heads line with concave radius disc-type milling heads.

  • Radius profile on both sides
  • Available in 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 mm corner radii
  • 6 teeth with T10 threaded connection
  • Ground, positively inclined rake face
  • Made from IC528, a versatile PVD coated carbide grade

Typical applications
Corner rounding (straight or profiles) and chamfering (less burrs than 45° straight chamfering) on either upper or bottom corners.

Due to the 6 flute design, the new milling heads can run at very high table feeds and therefore provide higher productivity.

Interchangeable 6 Flute Solid Carbide, Double-Sided Corner Rounding Milling Heads
• Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection.
(1) Number of flutes
Note: Parameter designations are according to ISO13399 standard.

* (Optional, should be ordered separately)
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