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NPA 30/2017


Thread Milling Heads with the MULTI-MASTER Connection


ISCAR has modified most of the thread milling heads with the MULTI-MASTER connection to increase application and efficiency options. New milling heads have been added for the production of wider thread options.

ISCAR has changed the 12 mm and larger diameter thread milling head clamping method by replacing the clamping flats with a Torx cavity on the frontal face. The Torx key reliably secures the MULTI-MASTER thread milling heads and reduces the risk of overtightening.



(1) Order separately

In many cases the frontal clamping method is more convenient for the machine operator. Frontal clamping enables the production of a shorter head, to reduce the overhang of the milling head from the shank. This substantially increases the MULTI-MASTER tool’s stiffness, reducing vibration potential and increasing productivity.


Long Short

The Torx clamping design contributes both to performance and maintenance. The MULTI-MASTER thread milling heads can be used on any of the large variety MULTI-MASTER steel, carbide and heavy metal shanks with the proper thread connection size.
Another advantage is that the thread milling head can be replaced on the machine without having to set-up the edge location, substantially saving time.

The following three thread milling heads have been modified:

Attached is a list of current thread milling heads and the new items that will replace them once their stock is depleted.

Current ItemsNew Items
5605514MT 12D8 16UN-MMT06 9083315744MT12D10 16UN-MMTT06 908
5605517MT 15D12 10UN-MMT08 9083311810MT15D13 10UN-MMTT08 908
5667187MT 16C12 8UN-MMT08 9083311813MT16C12 8UN-MMTT08 908
5605518MT 16C11 9UN-MMT08 9083311812MT16C11 9UN-MMTT08 908
5605516MT 16E12 12UN-MMT08 9083311816MT16E13 12UN-MMTT08 908
5605515MT 16E12 14UN-MMT08 9083311817MT16E13 14UN-MMTT08 908
5605505MT 12D7 1.5ISO-MMT06 9083301659MT12D9 1.5ISO-MMTT06 908
5605507MT 12D8 2.0ISO-MMT06 9083301660MT12D10 2.0ISO-MMTT06 908
5605506MT 16F12 1.5ISO-MMT08 9083311819MT16F12 1.5ISO-MMTT08 908
5605508MT 16E12 2.0ISO-MMT08 9083311818MT16E12 2.0ISO-MMTT08 908
5605509MT 15E12 2.5ISO-MMT08 9083311811MT15E13 2.5ISO-MMTT08 908
5605510MT 16C12 3.0ISO-MMT08 9083305422MT16C12 3.0ISO-MMTT08 908
5605521MT 16D11 11W-MMT08 9083311814 MT16D1111W-MMTT08 908
5605520MT 16D12 14W-MMT08 9083311815 MT16D1214W-MMTT08 908

Note: It is important to follow the recommended clamping torque instructions as uncontrolled clamping torque can sometimes cause performance problems on MULTI-MASTER heads. Over-tightening can cause MM thread breakage, while insufficient clamping torque can cause vibrations, drastically reducing tool life and part accuracy.
ISCAR offers the means to actually control the recommended clamping torque setting. The required clamping torque can easily be set on a handle with a scale window that displays the set torque value. For further information, please refer to NPA 29-2016.

Identification Code

MT 10 D 6 0.75 ISO MMT05/MMTT..*
MULTIMASTER Thread Mill Cutting Dia. No. of Flutes Cutting Length Pitch Thread Profile ISO UN G (55°) Connection Size

* For thread milling heads with 12mm diameter and larger

Carbide Milling Heads with a Threaded Connection,
for Internal and External 55° BSW Thread Profile
• For thread milling heads with 12mm diameter and larger use Torx clamping keys
• Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection

Carbide Milling Heads with a Threaded Connection for Internal ISO Metric Thread

Carbide Milling Heads with a Threaded Connection for Internal UN Thread Profile
• For thread milling heads with 12mm diameter and larger use Torx clamping keys
• Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection

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