NPA 11/2017


New SCIR/L-NX Inserts for Grooving and Turning Alloy and Stainless Steel


ISCAR is introducing new SCIR/L inserts for improved chip control on alloyed and stainless steel parts.

ISCAR is adding the NX groove-turn inserts that feature a new chipformer. These inserts are in addition to the existing NP groove turn inserts. The new inserts provide excellent chip control on alloy and stainless steel.

Material: AISI 316L
Operation: Turning
Vc= 80 mm/min
f= 0.08 mm/rev
ap= 0.7 mm

NP Chipformer

NX Chipformer

Material: SAE 4340
Operation: Grooving
Vc= 80 mm/min
f= 0.05 mm/rev
T= 4 mm

NP Chipformer

NX Chipformer


Grooving and Turning Inserts with a Chipformer
(1) Maximum 32 mm diameter for face turning.

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