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NPA 9/2018 INCH


Expansion of the HM390 Triangular Inserts Line with Tools Carrying 5 mm (.197”) Edged Inserts

  • Tools carrying triangular inserts with 5 mm (.197”) helical cutting edges
  • Effective and economical solution for milling 90º shoulders

Following the HM390 triangular insert tools that are currently available with 7, 10, 15 and 19 mm edged inserts, ISCAR is expanding this line to meet the growing requirements of efficient milling in various industrial sectors by adding HELI3MILL - a new family of indexable cutters carrying the HM390 TPKT 0502PDR 5 mm (.197”) edge triangular insert. The new design is based on its successful predecessors with all their advantageous features, providing a smaller insert.


The new HELI3MILL tools are intended for applications that are traditionally aimed for solid carbide endmills. Compared with the latter, the new products provide a cost-benefit solution of indexable tools.

The new HELI3MILL tools were designed for productive rough milling at high feed rates of compact parts, small-size cavities, pockets, etc.

The HELI3MILL product line is particularly applicable to miniature parts manufacturing, medical components etc. The new tools provide an ideal solution for low power machining centers and turn-milling machine tools.

Cutter Features
  • 90º cutting edge angle
  • Advanced cutting geometry reduces cutting forces and provides smooth cutting
  • Ramping down ability
  • All cutters feature coolant holes directed to each cutting edge
  • Cutter body has a special protective polished coating for uninterrupted chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear
  • Available in .500 and .625 inch diameters
  • Maximum depth of cut of .138”

Cutter Advantages
  • Reduced values of working feed per tooth contribute to decreasing impact load and ensure soft and light cutting action
  • High tooth density, enabled by a small-size insert, results in high productivity
  • High tooth density ensures stable cutting due to several teeth engaging in the material during milling

Insert Features

HM390 TPKT 0502PDR
  • Single-sided triangular inserts with three helical cutting edges
  • Progressive cutting geometry providing positive radial and axial rake angles on the cutter
  • Wiper flat for improved surface finish
  • Produced from ISCAR’s latest SUMO TEC carbide grades, which significantly increase productivity

HM390 TPCT 0502PDR
Peripherally ground inserts with a sharp cutting edge used for semi-finishing and finishing applications. The insert enables smooth machining exerting low cutting forces and is specially designed for milling various high-temperature alloys.

Due to the above features, a higher table feed can be applied in shallow milling applications that increases productivity and reduces production costs.

In the first stage, ISCAR is introducing the following HELI3MILL cutter types:

HM390 ETP…-05
Endmills carrying the triangular HM390 TPKT 0502PDR inserts in .500 and .625 inch diameters.

  • Rough to finish machining on main engineering materials: ISO P (steel), ISO K (cast iron),  ISO M  (stainless steel) and ISO S (difficult-to-cut HTSA)
  • Milling square shoulders, planes (especially next to shoulders), slots and inclined surfaces and cavities by ramping or helical interpolation
  • Tool design significantly minimizes and even eliminates mismatch in multi-pass milling of high shoulders

  • Productivity: high metal removal rates
  • Economy: small-size inserts with 3 helical cutting edges
  • Accuracy: milling 90º square shoulders
  • Low power consumption that allows applying the cutters on machine tools with limited power, small capacity machining centers and turn-milling machines
  • The new HELI3MILL family offers technical advantages and a very attractive price per cutting edge.
  • The new HELI3MILL line offers a credible economical alternative to commonly used solid carbide endmills of .500 and .625 diameters used for high feed milling of small-size surfaces.
  • The majority of competitive indexable solutions in this diameter range that are proposed by other tool manufacturers feature less teeth, resulting in lower productivity and inferior operational stability
  • The HELI3MILL family will provide customers with a productive solution in a broad spectrum of milling applications.

Cutting Data
The tables attached provide insert selection and cutting data recommendations for HM390 TPKT 0502PDR inserts.

For machining at unstable conditions, the recommended tooth load should be reduced by 20-30%.

Cutting Speed Recommendations for HM390 TPKT 0502PDR Inserts
(1) Quenched and tempered
(2) ISCAR material group in accordance with VDI 3323 standard

Feed Recommendations for HM390 TPKT 0502PDR Inserts
(1) Quenched and tempered
(2) ISCAR material group in accordance with VDI 3323 standard

HM390 ETP-05
90° Endmills Carrying HM390 TPKT 0502 Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges
• Tightening torque 4.42 lbf*in
(1) Number of inserts
(2) C-Cylindrical, W-Weldon
(3) Ramping angle maximum
(4) Item weight

HM390 ETP-MM-05
90° Endmills with a MULTI-MASTER Threaded Adaptation Carrying HM390 TPKT 0502... Triangular Inserts
• Tightening torque 4.42 lbf*in
(1) Number of inserts
(2) Key flat size
(3) Ramping angle maximum
(4) Item weight

HM390 TPKT 0502
Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges for 90° Shoulder Accuracy
Note: Inserts 3346007 HM390 TPCT 0502PDR IC830 will be available during the second quarter of 2018

The NPA09-inch-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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