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NPA 13/2018 INCH

Gear Milling

Expansion of the HELIIQMILL 390 Line with New Inserts

ISCAR is expanding the range of HELIIQMILL standard inserts to extend HELIIQMILL application options.

Following excellent market response to the HELIIQMILL 390 Line, ISCAR is expanding the family to meet the growing requirements for efficient milling in various industrial sectors by adding the following products:

HM390 TPKT 1003PDR-MP / HM390 TDKT 1505PDR-MP – general-duty inserts with new Medium Positive cutting geometry.

  • Medium Positive geometry features a more positive rake angle and a special edge preparation compared with PDR-type inserts
  • Wide sharp-edged wiper for better surface finish
  • Intended for milling operations at medium machining conditions

HM390 TPKT 1003PDR-HS – an insert with a serrated cutting edge for chip splitting.

The chip splitting design greatly contributes to significant reduction of cutting forces. It enables increasing feed rates that result in higher machining productivity.

  • Decreases cutting load – high feed speed can be achieved
  • Considerably reduces and even eliminates vibration / noise
  • Improves chip evacuation (splits chips into small pieces)
  • Diminishes heat generation
  • Suitable for machining at long overhang, poor work-holding conditions or low machine tool rigidity

HM390 TPKT 1003PDR-FW– inserts with a serrated wavy cutting edge

  • Crushes chips into small segments
  • Dramatically reduces cutting forces and consequently power consumption
  • Increases cutter stability
  • Improves chip evacuation

Notes for technologists and CNC programmers

When the HM390 TPKT 1003PDR-FW inserts are mounted on standard tools, their actual diameter will be .020” larger than their nominal diameter.

HM390 TDCR 1505PDFR-P IC4 – peripherally ground insert with polished rake surface and highly positive cutting geometry. Intended mainly for machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials (ISO N).

  • A sharp cutting edge with specially designed chipformer
  • Peripherally ground circumference including areas that are in contact with the appropriate datum surfaces of a cutter pocket
  • Both rake and relief surfaces are polished
  • Wide sharp-edged wiper for improved surface finish
  • .031” corner radius

The insert is produced from uncoated submicron carbide grade IC4, which features high wear resistance. The IC4 grade is already used successfully in various turning inserts and now it is “debuting” in the field of milling.

The newly introduced HELIIQMILL 390 family inserts offer distinct technical advantages with a very attractive price per cutting edge.

HM390 TPKT 1003
Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges for 90° Shoulder Accuracy
(1) Super positive insert for machining aluminum, stainless steel and high temperature alloys
(2) Insert with a serrated wavy cutting edge crushes chips into small segments
(3) A ground wiper
(4) Tool's pocket corners should be rounded to .060" radius

HM390 TDKT/CT 1505
Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges for 90° Shoulder Accuracy
(1) Insert with a serrated chip splitting for roughing applications and for long overhang
(2) General-duty inserts with new medium positive cutting geometry
(3) Chip splitting cutting edge, enlarges tool diameter by 1 mm
(4) Tools should be modified by rounding the pocket corners to R=.04"
(5) Tools should be modified by rounding the pocket corners to R=.157"
(6) Super positive inserts for machining aluminum, stainless steel and high temperature alloys
(7) Peripherally ground
(8) Peripherally ground flank, super positive polished rake for milling aluminum, titanium and magnesium

The NPA13-inch-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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