NPA 19/2018


New MULTI-MASTER Face Milling Heads

ISCAR is introducing MULTI-MASTER solid carbide heads, designed for face milling applications that require small diameters.

The new MM FM MULTI-MASTER solid carbide face milling heads have been designed for face and shoulder milling in narrow and confined areas, as well as on small milling machines or mill-turn machine tools.

MM FM milling heads are available in 12 to 25 mm diameters, featuring 6 flutes and 3.6 to 7.5 maximum milling depths.

  • High tooth density, enabling very fast table feed
  • Can be used with all MULTI-MASTER adaptation options
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Less expensive when compared to solid carbide endmills

It is recommended to use the tools with short overhang to achieve maximum stability, which influences surface finish and tool life.

Interchangeable Solid Carbide Face Milling Heads with MULTI-MASTER Threaded Connections
(1) Number of flutes
* Optional, should be ordered separately

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