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NPA 34/2018


New Extra Long SWISSCUT inserts

  • Parting off up to 20 mm diameter
  • Turning at up to 5.0 mm depth of cut
  • Insert clamping screws can be reached from both tool sides
  • No need to remove insert clamping screws for indexing (no falling parts)

ISCAR is launching a new SWISSCUT XL line featuring up to 10 mm grooving depth capability.
The new line will enable deeper machining when compared to the existing SWISSCUT INNOVAL line.
  SCIR 41
Parting (diameter) 20 mm 14 mm
Back Turning
(maximum ap)
5.0 mm 5.0 mm

Main Features:
• 2 clamping screws provide very strong clamping and stability

• Insert clamping screws can be reached from both tool sides (competitors only provide separate tools/inserts for each clamping orientation)

• No need to remove insert clamping screws for indexing (no falling parts)

• Front insert extraction/insertion, enables indexing the insert on the machine while maintaining a minimum overhang from the gang tool

• Compact tool design with no projecting elements enables insertion of the tool through the constrained slots of a Swiss-type machine magazine

A stopper plane beyond the cutting zone enables the use of the second cutting edge of the insert, even if the first used cutting edge is completely broken
Tools and Insert Selection
Tools are available in 12 and 16 mm square shanks. Inserts are available for the following applications:
  • Parting
  • Back Turning
  • Front Turning
  • Groove-Turn
  • Threading

Inserts are available in Grade IC1008.

User Guide
  • Always prefer the 16 mm shank if the machine can accommodate it
  • Always work with the minimum overhang of the tool from the gang, each mm less in the overhang will improve performance
  • Take care to use the correct screwdriver blade according to the clamping side

Grooving and Turning Tools with Back and Front Clamping for Swiss-Type and Automatic Machines
(1) Maximum cutting width
(2) See insert data

Parting Inserts
(1) Cutting edge below center

Back Turning Inserts
(1) Cutting edge below center

Back Turning Inserts for Short Chipping Materials
(1) Cutting edge below center

Turning Inserts
1) Cutting edge below center

Turning Inserts with a Frontal Relief Angle
1) Cutting edge below center

Grooving, Turning and Parting Inserts
• When turning to the opposite side of chipformer, maximum D.O.C. is 0.5 mm
(1) Cutting edge below center

Threading Inserts with a 60° Partial Profile
(1) Thread pitch minimum (mm)
(2) Thread pitch maximum (mm)
(3) Threads per inch maximum
(4) Threads per inch minimum
(5) Cutting edge below center

The NPA34-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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