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NPA 45/2018 INCH


NAN3FEED – A New Indexable Alternative to Small-Diameter Fast Feed Milling Tools

ISCAR is introducing NAN3FEED, a new family of small-diameter fast feed (FF) milling tools carrying indexable single-sided triangular miniature inserts.

The .315-.394“ diameter range of the tools is typical for solid carbide endmills. The indexable concept proposes an economical solution that may be considered as a viable alternative to the solid design.

The new family applies the concepts presented by NAN3MILL, a family of small-size indexable 90° cutters recently introduced under the LOGIQ campaign, to the design of tools for fast feed milling (also referred to as “high feed milling” or “HFM”).

The advanced design concept facilitates the addition of one more tooth than those existing in the indexable high feed milling (HFM) tools of the same diameter that are offered by our main competitors. The .315“ diameter NAN3FEED tool could be considered as the smallest indexable HFM cutter with multiple inserts on the today market.

The new tools are designated as FFT3 …-02 and feature the following:
  • - Carrying FFT3 TXMT 020105T one-sided triangular inserts with three cutting edges
  • - Tool cutting edge angle 14˚
  • - Maximum depth of cut .024”
  • - Positive rake angle for smooth and soft cut
  • - Ramping-down capability
  • - Internal coolant supply through the internal endmill body contributes to efficient lubrication of the cutting edge and facilitates the chip evacuation process
  • - Programming radius: .043”

The tools are available in the following design configurations:
  • - FFT3 EFM - endmills in .315 and .394” diameters with internal coolant supply
  • - FFT3 EFM-MM – endmills with MULTI-MASTER threaded connection in .315 and .394” diameters

FFT3 TXMT 020105T inserts are produced from ISCAR’s SUMO TEC PVD-coated carbide IC830 grade and are intended mainly for milling steel, cast steel, and ferritic and martensitic stainless steel (ISO P class).

As in the NAN3MILL, the design concept of the NAN3FEED is a method of mounting the inserts in the tool with no falling parts.
Due to the small diameter of the tools, securing the inserts by screw requires a central throughhole in the insert, which considerably weakens the insert structure. In addition, the limited screw diameter means that the proof strength of the screw is insufficient. These factors dramatically reduce performance.

The proposed clamping method, where a screw head acts as a wedge, overcomes this problem. It provides reliable rigid clamping, ensuring a durable homogeneous insert structure with no hole, and allowing insert indexing to be quick and simple.

As the insert is very small in size, it is placed in the pocket via a key with a magnetic boss on the key handle.

Application and marketing aspects
The main application field of the new family is high-efficiency rough machining small-size components that are produced from steel, especially milling pockets and cavities. The branches involved in manufacturing these types of component - primarily the die & mold industry - represent the main potential consumer of the new tools.
The NAN3FEED family is also suitable for multitasking machining centers, driven-tool lathes and low-power machine tools.

NAN3FEED should be considered as a realistic alternative to solid carbide fast feed (high feed) endmills. With attractive economic benefits and indexable concept of the introduced tools, NAN3FEED is positioned strongly against competitors offering solid endmills within the .315-.394” diameter range.

Our principal competitors also propose HFM indexable cutters in this diameter range. However, their cutters feature fewer teeth in comparison with the NAN3FEED tools of the same diameter, which benefit from productivity and stability.

Combining Innovative Clamping and Fast Feed Milling Geometry for Effective Results.

Small Diameter Endmills Carrying Single-Sided Triangular Inserts for Fast Feed Milling
• Radius for programming .043 inch
• Cutting recommendations for plunging: Ae max .087 inch, Fz max .0024 inch/tooth
(1) Number of inserts
(2) C-Cylindrical
(3) Maximum ramping angle

Small Diameter Endmills with a MULTI-MASTER Threaded Adaptation Carrying Triangular Inserts for Fast Feed Milling
• Radius for programing .043 inch
• Cutting recommendations for plunging: Ae max .087 inch, Fz max .0024 inch/tooth
(1) Number of inserts
(2) Key flat size
(3) Maximum ramping angle

Triangular Miniature Inserts for Fast Feed Milling at Small Depth of Cut

Recommended Machining Conditions for FFT3-02 Fast Feed Endmills
* ISCAR material group in accordance with VDI 3323 standard
** Quenched and tempered
For machining in unstable conditions, the recommended cutting data should be reduced by 20-30%

Application Range FFT3-02
ap (inch)
fz (ipt)
The NPA45-inch-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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