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NPA 07/2019


New Modular Exchangeable Drilling Heads for Large Diameter Deep Drilling

ISCAR is expanding large diameter drilling options with the new MODUDRILL line, which features two different types of exchangeable heads covering a 33 to 40 mm drilling range.
The drilling heads are attached to 400 mm long drill bodies.

The new MODUDRILL family uses only two drill bodies to cover the full range: one for 33-36 mm and the other for 37-40 mm. Each drill body can carry any one of the two head types. The two available drilling heads were designed for different applications - cutting conditions, required hole accuracy and surface finish.

  • Modular bodies that can carry different types of drilling heads
  • Produced from high strength steel for high durability
  • Small core with central coolant hole for efficient chip evacuation.
  • New patented connection withstands high torque
  • High flute helix with polished surface provides a smooth and easy chip evacuation for chips of all sizes

Shank Size
For head range

MD-DFN Modular Heads
  • Carrying HFP-IQ CHAMIQDRILL solid carbide heads
  • Robust structure with concave cutting edge design enables drilling at high feed rates, providing very accurate IT8-IT9 hole tolerance
  • Unique pocket design enables many drilling head indexes
  • Special axial stopper prevents the drilling head from being extracted during retraction
  • Large radial head stoppers provide high resistance to cutting forces, enabling very high cutting conditions

HFP-IQ Drilling Heads
  • Available in a 33-40 mm diameter drilling range, according to the standard items list
  • Unique self-centering geometry enables long overhang without the need for a pilot hole operation
  • Produced from grade IC908 – a PVD coating on a fine submicron grain substrate
  • Suitable for steel and cast iron (ISO P/K) material groups

Modular Head
Modular head size
Drilling Head
Drilling head size

MD-DR-DH Modular Heads
  • Known and proven design combined with the advantages of a modular system
  • Carry standard SOMX indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges, providing an economical solution
  • Standard indexable, double-ended guide pads
  • Suitable for low to medium feed machining

Modular Head
Guide pad size
Peripheral Insert size
Intermediate Insert size
Inner Insert size
Modular head size
Inner/Intermediate/Peripheral Inserts
Chip breaker
Corner radius
Inner size
Guide Pads
Pad radius
Pad length
Pad width

Modular Drill Bodies, Each Can Carry a Variety of Exchangeable Drilling Heads with Different Diameters

1) Cutting diameter minimum (2) Cutting diameter maximum (3) HEAD connection size

Exchangeable Drilling Heads Carrying CHAMIQDRILL Solid Carbide Inserts

1) Cutting diameter minimum • Do not mount smaller drilling heads other than the specified range of the drill body (2) Cutting diameter maximum
(3) Seat size code (4) Master insert identification

Exchangeable Drilling Heads with Guide Pads, Carrying Square Inserts

(1) Master insert identification (2) Master insert identification 2 (3) Inner insert

Flow Rate vs. Pressure & Drill Diameter

Head and Body Assembly

MD-DFN Head Assembly

For MD-DR-DH Head

  • A short pre-hole 1XD deep (minimum)with H8 hole tolerance should be prepared to guide the long drill (an endmill can be used)
  • Use HD chip breaker for internal insert

MD-DR-DH Inserts Assembly

For MD-DFN Head
Max allowed Δ = 0.04 mm

Axial runout & Radial runout

Drilling Limitations

Drill Diameter (mm)Pressure (bar)Flow Rate (liter/min)
• Internal coolant supply only

MD-DR-DH Cutting Parameters

MD-DFN Cutting Parameters

The NPA07-2019's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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