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NPA 10/2019


New F3S Chipformer for Finish Turning On Superalloys and Exotic Materials

ISCAR is introducing the new F3S chipformer for finish turning operations for superalloy materials.

Intended mainly for aerospace industries as well as for the oil & gas market, the new efficient chip breaker for finishing operations is designed for working with unique and tough to machine nickel based alloys (Inconel, Waspaloy, etc.), as well as other exotic materials such as titanium based alloys.

The new F3S chipformer has a remarkable positive rake angle to ensure a smooth and easy cut, with significant reduction in cutting forces and notable chip breaking results.

The F3S chipformer has been designed with geometric features to improve tool life, with a reinforced cutting edge at the area where VG (notch wear) wear tends to occur when machining superalloys and exotic materials, which causes poor surface finish and risk of edge breakage.

The chipformer is available on the most popular inserts - CNMG, WNMG and SNMG - in two main grades, IC806 and IC804, and will be available in the future also on VNMG, DNMG, and TNMG inserts.

F3S Characteristics

Ground surface for improved immovability and better rigidity
Positive rake angle for smooth and easy cut
Unique deflector design for efficient chip control at low feed and D.O.C
Reinforced cutting edge to

Code Key
The code characters of the new chipformer F3S are indicated in the code key table below:

F3S Machining Range

The F3S chipformer delivers very efficient chip breaking results at 0.5-2 D.O.C and 0.1-0.3 mm/rev feed range.

  • Double–sided insert with chipbreaker for finishing superalloys and exotic materials
  • Reinforced cutting edge
  • Positive rake angle for smooth cutting and low forces

Chip breaking results with CNMG 120404-F3S can be seen in the table below
Material: Inconel 718
Vc: 60 m/min

ISCAR’s F3S Chipformer vs. Main Competitors
ap: 0.3-3 mm
f: 0.05-0.3 mm/rev

Material -Inconel 718

  Competitor ISCAR - Test 1
Insert SNMG 120408-F5 CNMG 120404-F3S
Carbide grade KX20 IC806
External starting diameter (mm) 15 15
Cutting speed (m/min) 25 25
Spindle speed (rpm) 796 796
Feed (mm/rev) 0.06 0.06
Depth of cut (mm) 1 1
Number of passes 5 5
Length of cut (mm) 25 25
Parts per cutting edge 15 25
67% increase in tool life

Double-Sided 80° Rhombic Inserts for Titanium and Heat Resistant Materials. Used for Finishing Applications.

Double-Sided 90° Square Inserts for Titanium and Heat Resistant Materials. Used for Finishing Applications.

Double-Sided 80° Trigon Inserts for Titanium and Heat Resistant Materials Used for Finishing Applications

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