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NPA 24/2019


New Solid Carbide
7 Flute CHATTERFREE Endmills with Chip-Splitting Cutting Edge

ISCAR is expanding the SOLIDMILL line of 7 flute CHATTERFREE solid carbide endmills by adding tools with chip-splitting cutting edges.

The new ECP-H7-CF family features 3xD, 4xD and 6xD cutting length to diameter ratios for 6 to 16 mm diameter tools and 3xD and 4xD for 20 mm diameter tools. The new chip-splitting solid carbide endmills are intended for rough to semi finish machining at high cutting speed and can also be applied to high speed milling (HSM) operations. ECP-H7-CF endmills provide an improved performance and higher versatility than the tools available up till now, which possess cutting edges without chip-splitting grooves, particularly at high overhang.

Designation key code

Nominal tool diameter
Cutting length
Shank diameter

  • 7 flute different helix and variable pitch solid carbide endmills with chip-splitting geometry for rough to semi-finish operations as well as HSM by trochoidal method
  • Unique design of chip-splitting grooves on the cutting edge provides satisfactory surface finish for most requirements
  • Enlarged chip flute for effective chip evacuation
  • Produced from IC902, an ultra-fine carbide grade with TiAlN PVD coating providing excellent performance in machining various materials, especially, hard steel and cast iron.
  • h6 shank tolerance

  • Very high productivity on most material types
  • Excellent chip evacuation
  • Low cutting forces
  • Designed mainly for rough to semi-finish operations, it also provides a satisfactory surface finish even at maximum ap
  • High performance in a wide range of machining speeds
  • Optimal flute design delivering maximum metal removal rates

ECP-H7 after 10 min milling alloy steel SAE4340

EC-H7 after 10 min milling

Application Instructions
Endmill that is longer than necessary is less rigid and requires reducing the cutting conditions.
The new cutting length options with chip-splitting provide an optimal tool for very high-speed machining and enable machining even under less favorable conditions.

Width of cut (ae) should be set depending on the cutting length:
  • For endmills with 3xD cutting length - up to 0.3xD max. according to system stability
  • For endmills with 4xD cutting length - up to 0.25xD max. according to system stability
  • For endmills with 6xD cutting length - up to 0.1xD max. according to system stability

Cutting data
The attached table provides estimated starting cutting data. For machining in unstable conditions, the table data should be reduced by 20-30%.

ChatterFree and Chip-Splitting -
A Winning Combination!

7 Flute Solid Carbide Endmills with Different Helix, Variable Pitch and Chip Splitting Cutting Edges
(1) Number of flutes
(2) C-Cylindrical
(3) Corner radius tolerance (+/-)

ECP-H7-CF (continued)
7 Flute Solid Carbide Endmills with Different Helix, Variable Pitch and Chip Splitting Cutting Edges
1) Number of flutes
(2) C-Cylindrical
(3) Corner radius tolerance (+/-)

Table - Average Cutting Data for ECP-H7….

The NPA24-2019's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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