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NPA 37/2020

Center Height Setup Device with Leveler for Anti-Vibration Boring Bars


ISCAR introduces an upgraded set up device for WHISPERLINE boring bar center height adjustment.

In order to simplify and shorten the process of setting WHISPERLINE boring bars, which are made as cylindrical shanks without flats, ISCAR has upgraded its existing device, with a new device featuring a bubble level (spirit level). The new design enables much easier and faster cutting edge setup by avoiding the need to use a dial indicator.

Upgrade Center Device
Exsisting Center Device

The level device features a serrated head with magnetic core, which ensures fixed position to the shank with no need for screws.

The bubble will indicate the center position when it is in the middle between the marked lines.

  • Serrated head with magnetic core ensures fixed position of the the shank
  • The setting head is simply connected to the shank without screws
  • The bubble level indicates the tool position and easily enables adjustment of the boring bar to the center.
  • Significant time saving can be achieved by using this unique setting head
  • High setting accuracy can be easily attained and ensure excellent performance of the WHISPERLINE boring bars
  • During tool assembly and positioning process on the machine please pay attention to the angle position selector. It must be set to the angle that is defined for each head - while for most of the ISO turning heads the angle is 0°, the CUT-GRIP heads need to be set to 15° or 30°.

ISO turning head


Center Height Set Up Device

The NPA37-2020's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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